I was born a Yorkshireman & yes I’m proud of that but I’ve always been disgusted by English nationalism. Never felt I belonged to it …

Having lived in Wales now for over 20 years I’ve found a cultural & social political perspective in this country that I find comfortable. A sense of grounded cultural worth that suits me.

England is kind of dead to me now. I can’t morally justify the royal family in my heart and that awful English nation pride just stinks of ignorance violence and selfishness.

This last year since Brexit has brought home to me everything that is so wrong about the extreme right and the complacency of the political middle ground where unfortunately a large proportion of the labour majority also seem to sit

I need politics that I can respect, invest in and look up to. For that reason I’m behind Corbyn despite the hard work of the national media and fellow Labour party members to discredit this man whilst all around me the poisonous Torys seem untouchable in the eyes of the English.

I’m scared of the hatred that is among us now and the bitterness in our society that the shames us all.

Get what I’m saying! I’m ashamed to be English and that will never change